Esperanto Nova Scotia

Esperanto Nova Scotia


329 Poplar Drive
Dartmouth, NS B2W 4K8

Contacts (substitute "@" for " ĉe " to obtain the e-mail addresses):
Bob Williamson: bob.williamson ĉe
Reni Porter: rennyporter ĉe

Local Activities

Next Meeting

We meet approximately twice each month, but not at all regularly. We have no formal programme, and simply converse about anything we please in Esperanto. Most often, there are from four to eight people present at our meetings. Usually we meet in Halifax, and sometimes in Berwick.

Our next 2-hour meeting will take place on Monday, March 11, 2019 at 7:00 PM at the Second Cup café, 64 Dellridge Lane next to Larry Uteck Blvd in Bedford South, Nova Scotia. We cordially invite you to attend as well. We truly welcome beginners and the curious, especially those who use the learning tool Duolingo. Please contact us (information above) for more information. Find us also on Meetup.

Again in 2013 (but not since then), our group attended the annual Word on the Street book fair in Halifax. Thanks to everyone who stopped to find out about Esperanto.

Esperanto Links and Courses

What is Esperanto?

For those who want to get a quick feel for the language, or who need a refresher:

Zam's Esperanto course:

Esperanto course in 5 very short lessons (10 to 15 minutes each):
May help you decide whether or not to learn Esperanto.

Other Esperanto Courses & Resources (all for free):

This site has several courses at various levels (even for children who can't read), as well as word translation, exercises, flash cards, and books in Esperanto.

Kurso de

A multimedia computer program for teaching yourself Esperanto.


Other aids for those studying Esperanto:

YouTube, basic grammar review, in English, for people wanting to learn

- a 2:11 video.

Online flash cards to practice basic words (several sets):

1000 most basic words in Esperanto:

Each word is linked to its definition and translation at Esperanto dictionary (see below)

Esperanto dictionary:
has complete definitions and translations.

Google translates between English and Esperanto
including whole websites and documents: not perfect, but pretty good:

172 Esperanto words with audio pronunciation:


For those who would like to practice talking Esperanto:

• (Online) Skype:

Free conversation with your Esperanto contacts anywhere in the world.
Mark “Esperanto” in the drop-down menu.

• (In person) The local Nova Scotia Esperantists
(Halifax and beyond) meet about every two weeks. Time and location are listed on this site:


For those who would like to practice listening to and reading Esperanto:

Pola Retradio:
A site in Warsaw that has excellent bi-weekly programs in Esperanto, with some transcripts:

Articles from Vikipedio [Esperanto Wikipedia] read aloud,
with the text scrolling:

To help listening comprehension for those who have already learned Esperanto.

List of radio stations and podcasts:

Novaĵoj en Esperanto (News in Esperanto):

Comprehensive set of A-V and/or text reports, and related links.

Esperanto Karaoke songs on YouTube:

Books and reading material free on the web:

• Last but not least: English translation of the original 1887 booklet presenting Esperanto:
"Dr. Esperanto's International Language: Introduction and Complete Grammar
, by the creator of Esperanto, Ludovic Lazarus Zamenhof.

Link to free HTML version:

(50-page paper booklet also available, for cost of printing.)
Discusses need for international second language; has samples of Esperanto text and poetry;
gives complete grammar in just 7 pages, in large type.
Also includes the initial Esperanto-English vocabulary, with 871 entries.

(September 2012)

Catalogue of the Libraro Ludovika Now Online

Libraro Ludovika is North America's largest active Esperanto library. It has over 2000 items, collected by Dr. Stevens Norvell, St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada. (The library has already been moved to Calgary, where it continues to be available to members of KEA.)

Its catalogue is available online, although only in Esperanto:



Newsletter and Activities

Our group, although small, has been quite active since 1984. Besides our meetings, and library:

  • We no longer publish Inter Ni-, a monthly four-page newsletter, which was read in several countries.

    Past issues of Inter Ni are downloadable in pdf format at

  • We host international visitors.

  • Kim Keeble used to teach Esperanto through a free 12-lesson postal course. Sadly, Kim died on Oct.27, 2015 (aged 90).

  • We place brochures about Esperanto and the postal course in libraries, universities and other places.

  • We have given copies of the book Esperanto in the Modern World to public libraries and libraries of educational institutions.

  • We have had a display table at the annual Word on the Street book fair in Halifax (September).

  • And we do other promotional activities.

For more information about coming events, please contact one of the people listed above.