The Toronto Esperanto Circle

Our weekly Monday meeting is 6pm - 7pm at the tables on the 2nd floor of LOBLAWS, 60 Carlton Street, the former Maple Leaf Gardens building at the corner of Church Street. From the COLLEGE subway station on the YONGE line walk east and Loblaws is one block away on the north side.

At 7pm some of us go to a nearby restaurant to eat and continue the conversations.

During the Victoria Day holiday weekend at the end of May many of the regular participants in our cafe meeting may be out of town for the regional Mekaro meeting, and will not return until too late for the Monday meeting in Toronto. So, if you still want to have a meeting that Monday, first check with others to see whether they wish to attend, so that you will not find yourself alone there.

Click on any event in our calendar to see more details.

You can contact us at esperanto.toronto(at) for more information.

Our Bulletin

Some of the back-numbers of our bulletin, La Torontano, are available on the webpages of Ken Price.

Other activities

From time to time we gather together at the home of one of the club members, which also serves as the library of our club, and there we discuss interesting issues, enjoy some fine refreshments and get to know each other better.

The 15th of December 2014 will be the 155th anniversary of the birth of

Dr. L.L.Zamenhof, who created Esperanto.

The club will celebrate this with a 'Zamenhof-fest' on Saturday 13th December 2014.

From 2pm until mid-evening, Esperanto-speakers will be welcome to join us for the Zamenhof-fest in 'the party-room' at 77 Carlton Street, Toronto.