Canadian Esperanto Association

The Canadian Esperanto Association (KEA) is the national non-profit educational association of the speakers and supporters of Esperanto in Canada who have a common interest in the use and promotion of the international language as a solution to the world language problem.

Through its publications and services, KEA seeks to improve the understanding of Esperanto and of the world language problem.

Membership in the association is available to all who support those goals. The association is completely neutral in relation to political, religious, and ethnic affairs and does not concern itself with such matters.

Members have diverse interests and reasons for membership in the association, including linguistics, person-to-person communication, travel, literature, world peace, and many others as unique and individual as each of our members.

There were only seven candidates who volunteered to serve on the board of directors for the next two years, 2014 and 2015, so all were accepted with thanks.

Here is the list in alphabetical order:

  Raymond Brisebois,   London             ON
  Wally Du Temple,      North Saanich   BC
  Geoffrey Greatrex,     Ottawa             ON
  Paul Hopkins,             Calgary             AB
  Ken Price,                   Toronto            ON
  Bob Williamson,         Dartmouth        NS

The other candidate elected, Yves Bellefeuille, later withdrew due to pressure of his professional work, and his place has been taken by Tamara Anna Koziej from SAGUENAY, Quebec.